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Who We Are?

Sendaxor is the Best Email Marketing Company in India with the help of our Email Marketing Software that you can easily send millions of emails at once. We Provide the Best Email marketing service that helps you send, design, and track Your email efficiently And SendĀ Bulk Email With help of our Email Marketing Software.

What can we do?

We provide email marketing services in India and other states in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, And Pune. We work Very hard to take our email marketing services to the next level. We are constantly working to give our customers the best email delivery, quick support, guidance, and strategy. We make every effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our email marketing service.

Sendaxor About us

Why we started?

We have started our Email Marketing Company at Very Low Cost so that every small Website, Blog Channel, and Ecommerce business in India can join us and make a profit. We know that there are many Email Marketing Services and Software in India that help you send Bulk Email but currently, there are only a few Email Marketing Services that guarantee to send your Email to in inbox And we are one of them. We value our customers more than our profits. We can deliver good service to our customers at very low prices. Our company has many experienced team members which we pass on to our customers.

What is our goal?

We want to every business use our Low Cost and Best Email Marketing Services. Our goal is to make our customer experience the best email marketing service, to make their business achieve great success. We want our customers to stay connected to us as long as possible. We want to give them reliable service.

Sendaxor About us

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Best Email Marketing Service

Sendaxor is an Email Marketing Service and Email Marketing Software that helps you to send bulk emails to your subscribers. Sendaxor is India’s Leading Bulk Email Marketing Service in India and We have a Very High-Quality mass mailing software that helps prevent your email from being spammed And All your email will hit the Inbox of Your Subscribers. Email Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Software, And Email Marketing Tools All In One Place. We started our Service with a very experienced team who will continue to give You Email Marketing advice and suggestions till the end. We have launched our email marketing service at a very affordable price so that every small business can join us and grow Their online business With Help of Us. We Also Provide Email Marketing services in Ahmedabad, Pune, And Chennai. If you are looking for an Email Marketing Service in Pune then you have come to the right place. You can start Your email marketing journey in two ways with us. The first is Managed Email Marketing and the second is Email Marketing Software, You can Start email marketing with the help of both of these. With the help of our email marketing software, you can send, design, and track your email very easily. Sendaxor has a Hosted Email Marketing application that lets you effectively monitor your email marketing activity. Bounce, Unsubscribe, and Complained Emails from the emails you send will be automatically removed from your mailing list which will make your mailing list healthier. We can send emails to your customers your behalf in We can send emails to your customers on your behalf in which we will act with full care and responsibility. We will send you a report of the emails sent to you at the specified time as well as forward you the responses of your customers. We will create strategies and plans to help you achieve your business goals and we will also ensure that the plans are well implemented. Get started today if you also want to grow with us.

Email Marketing Service in Ahmedabad

Sendaxor Also Provide Email Marketing Service in Ahmedabad. Our email marketing service is not limited to India even we offer our email marketing service Across India. You can give your business a global platform by joining us and also at a very low cost. You can send your marketing email outside of India as well you can send your email to any country. Ahmedabad is the birthplace of our company and we operate our business from here. If you are looking for an email marketing service in Ahmedabad. Sendaxor software is an Email marketing software used to send emails to subscribers. The software offers a tools to create and store Unlimited Contact, List and Campaigns in minutes. Measure the engagement of customers and prevent your email from being spammed. Get Live Report to measure the performance of email campaigns via dashboard. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.