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Contact Management
Best Contact Management Service on Sendaxor

Contact Management

Manage all your contacts efficiently on Sendaxor. You can create and store Unlimited Contact and List. You will not be charged for any additional list and contacts. It is very important to keep the mailing list healthy When You Send Bulk Emails, For That, you can use our many features like email blacklist setting, bounce and unsubscribe handling, Excluded List, etc. You can import bulk email at once. You can get easily export a list of customers who aren’t active towards you and who haven’t opened your email for a long time. You can easily remove Bounce, Unsubscribe, and Complained emails automatically on Sendaxor.
View list and contact overview as well as get information on what their past performance was like.

Campaign Management

You can create a Responsive Email Campaign on Sendaxor. Join us today to increase the Open and Click Rate of your Email Campaign. Get an accurate and instant report of all your email campaigns. You can schedule your email campaign to send emails to your customers at the right time. Create beautiful and unique email designs that will attract your customers.

Sendaxor Campaign Management
Campaign Management
Email Marketing Dasboard
Email Marketing Dasboard


See the Overall Performance of all your email campaigns on Dashboard. You can visualize your industry Average Open, Click, Unsubscribe, Bounce, Complain Rate from your Dashboard. The dashboard gives you information about which direction you are moving in your email marketing journey.

Sendaxor Real TIme Report
Real Time Email Campaign Report

Live Report

Get Live Report and Accurate Email Campaign Report on Sendaxor. Reports need to be considered to improve your email campaign. You can get accurate reports on our Email Marketing Software. You can see the Open, Click, Unsubscribe, Bounce, and Complaint Rate of your Email Campaign

Best Email Marketing Service

We have launched our service at a very low price so that every small business can join us. Our Service Door is Always Open For All Businesses. We put a lot of effort into making every one of our customers feel good about our service. We Always Ready to Help. We Are the Best Email Marketing Company in India

Best Email Marketing Service- Sendaxor
Best Email Marketing Service

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